Sunday, February 10, 2013

To Cam (Several Months) After Your 7th Birthday!

To Cam (Several Months) After Your 7th Birthday!

Dear Cam,

You always know just how to make me laugh. You are cute and sweet and funny and.... the list just goes on and on. You have a soft heart and a love for all things furry and feathered. Sometimes you love your momma so much it just makes my heart ache. Sometimes you are so stubborn it just makes me want to put you in time out all day. (Oh, did I really just say that?)

You love your brother to pieces. You fight with your brother until you fall to pieces. You like to eat Reese's Pieces.

Your favorite activities at the moment are (in no particular order): skateboarding, duck tape art, gymnastics, community service, minecraft and jumping on the trampoline. Your dream is still to work in a petshop, a zoo or at a vet clininc.

Sometimes you still let me hold you on my lap. I miss my little boy but you are growing up to be so independent. Every time I talk to your teacher as school, it just makes my heart sing. She is always praising you for being respectful and kind. She says we have done such a good job teaching you mannesr and politeness. I know we have taught you some, but you just have a good heart.

Thank you for being my firecracker. You bring a spark into this family like none other!