Sunday, May 12, 2013

This Mother's Day....

This Mother's Day is quite special. Yes, the fact that my husband knocked it out of the park (literally) with so many surprises for me was quite a bonus. Breakfast served to me with fresh cut flowers, tickets to the Royals Game today and the promise of a meal cooked at home by him tonight....what more could a mom ask for?

Only one thing....that I would get the chance to wish my own mom a Happy Mother's Day this year. Due to amazing modern medicine and her old fashioned stubbornness, she decided not to let a stroke take her off of this earth a few weeks ago.

So Mom, just in case you have forgotten your worth to us, here is how I view you, my Mom, and your worth to this world....These are the things you have taught us along the way...

You taught us how to stop and smell the roses.

You taught us that family vacations are worth taking.

You taught us that there is no stronger bond than family.

You taught us that faith is important and essential.

You taught us that traditions can be passed down to our children. And that we can share in their joy as children just as you shared in our joy as children.

You taught us that the fact that our family is close, is exceptional. Others should be as fortunate as us.

You taught this dog and cat to dance. (Okay, maybe not, but it was funny. )

You taught us that grandma can fix anything. Even our precious blankie. Even if we can't let go of it.

You taught us how to be patient.

You taught us that we should marry our best friend. Thankfully, we all listened to you.

You taught us how to love and how to be loved.

You taught us how to let loose!

You taught us that happiness is in the people we love, not in the things we own.

You taught us how to play golf.

You taught our animals how to get along.

You taught us how to ride a horse.

You taught us that beauty is worth the hike.

You taught us how to throw a good party!

You taught us how to love ice cream (and how to sucker you into holding the stick for us)!

You taught us how to dress up ourselves and our animals.

You taught us the value of siblings.

You taught us how to fall gracefully.

You taught us how to catch the big one!

You taught us that we are all smart. Even if we do wear pizza boxes on our heads.

You taught us how to play baseball.

You taught us how to fly.

You taught us how to drive.

You taught us how to get a group of five boys to sit still for a picture.

How taught our children how to cook. That's not to be confused with you taught us how to cook our children.

You taught us the joy of camping.

You taught us the importance of family.

Mom, you mean the world to us. You are so important to each one of us in different ways. Somehow you and dad managed to raise four great kids that married four great kids. I'm not sure what the odds are of that but I am betting that they are pretty low. Thank you for being our mom and for teaching us everyday to be kind faith filled people. You are truly a gift from God to all of us. I love you! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

3 Words....

Last Sunday we were here with my Mom.....

This Sunday we were here with my Mom....

God Is Good!!!