Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top 10 "You Have Got To Be Kidding Me" Moments Of The Week

1. Keep in mind that the week would mean from last Wednesday until now....Cam stayed home last Tuesday (yes, he missed his Valentine's party at school) Wednesday from school with a fluke 102 fever. Fun. Steve stayed home two days with Cam.

2. Lied through my teeth and sent a very sick and feverish friend on a surprise trip for her 40th birthday. There are a lot of details missing from that statement but it was tough to pull that off and I feel pretty guilty about it.

3. Colin came home from school yesterday with a fever nearing 104.

4. Slept on Colin's floor last night because his cough was so terrible, he was scared out of his mind.

5. Took Colin to Dr. today to learn that he did not have pneumonia *yet*. I can give him honey to help his cough and chicken noodle soup. Gee thanks Dr.

6. While at Dr. with Colin today I got a call from Cam's school (yes, the school where I work but was not there because I was taking care of another sick child). Cam was in the cross fire of a flying rock and got hit in the head. My first thought, oh well. My next thought after the Principal told me there was a lot of blood, oh crap.

7. Had to call Steve out of work to go get Cam since I was clear across town at the Dr. with the other boy. Steve picked up Cam and after some debate at home, we decided we needed to take him in to urgent care. My first intuition was that I just needed them to clean out the wound really well. It was a weird cut. More like a puncture wound. Must have been hit with the pointy end of the rock. But oh the blood.

8. Left one sick boy in Steve's care and took the other one to Children's. "Has he been seen here before?" I almost laughed. The triage nurse spelled out S-T-A-P-L-E-S when she was assessing his wound. Um no, I don't think so.

9. After a very very tearful application of numbing gel (they literally stuck the gel needle into the puncture to made sure it would numb it enough to clean the wound internally), we sat back and watched 30 minutes of Peter Pan.

10. One tearful wound clean later I convinced the Dr. not to put in staples. She agreed to glue since it cleaned up so nicely. Thank God.

11. Oh, and Steve will be staying home with the (still) sick Colin tomorrow. Then going in to work tomorrow night. I hate not living close to family.

I am not sure what is going on lately. I feel like it is one consecutive bad day after another. I am not sure if I am bringing this on myself with my bad attitude. However, it is hard to be cheerful when your kids are sick, your husband has to work crazy hours to help take care of the kids and dinner does not make itself. In my stroke of brilliance, I decided to get Chili's takeout yesterday since it was kids eat free. Would have been a great idea if I hadn't left my credit card sitting at the take out window.

I know the song to make rain go away. Is there a song to make bad days go away?