Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Disney 2010!!!

Needless to say, I owe you all a very long update. I'm going to skip all the backlog, and just bring you up to speed on most recent events. Guess where we went?!?

A few weeks ago we went to Disney World with Steve's family. We had a magical time! From the moment we stepped foot onto the Disney grounds, our boys were in heaven! We had such a wonderful week. Despite late nights (never went to bed before 11:30pm) and early mornings (we woke the kids up every morning - YIKES!) we had a super week. The boys had such great behavior. We experienced a week of pure bliss and joy without a single melt down. Yes folks, you heard right. We took our kids to Disney World and they did not cry once! No, we did not give them everything they wanted and they did not get to eat ice cream for every meal. We kept our spending within reason and had a Popsicle once a day. They were just so in awe of everything around them. They took in all the sights, played with their cousins, talked with Grandma Silva and Aunt Patti. They had so much attention from everyone (including Mommy and Daddy) they never needed for anything. Disney is truly a magical place!
After long week and the trip home, I asked the boys about their favorite parts. Colin liked Space Mountain and swimming in the pool everyday.
Camden liked Splash Mountain (he was a little too small for Space Mountain) and seeing Tinkerbell at the Magic Kingdom fireworks. We saw the fireworks by mistake. It was getting late one night and I decided I was going to take Camden back to the hotel. To my surprise, he did not insist on staying so I knew he was tired. I started walking back with him and then realized that we could not get through the crowd. W got as far as we could. That happened to be right in front of the castle! The fireworks started and I had a feeling that Tink was going to be a part of the show. I held him as we stopped and watched. The kid has tears in his eyes as Tink flew from the castle to chase away Captain Hook. It was one of the sweetest moments ever.

We went to Turtle Talk with Crush in Epcot. Cam was picked to "talk" to Crush. He is the total opposite of shy. He stood right up, told Crush a joke and got the whole crowd laughing. He couldn't have been more proud of himself.

We happened to be in Disney on a Star Wars weekend. Colin (and Cam) got to make their own light sabers out of different parts and pieces. I thought Colin was going to flip out over meeting Chewbacca. It was so magical for him.

The entire week was one that I would love to relive a hundred times over. It was hot and sunny but we made it through. Some days we went back in the afternoon to the hotel to cool off. Other days went hit the pool. One day the kids napped. We were always able to find a cool place when we needed to and a place to sit.
Thanks Grandma Silva for a once in a lifetime experience. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.