Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why I Talk So Much About Isagenix

I have dreams. I have goals just like everyone else. Prior to our move back to Kansas my goals were much different than they are now. I was a stay-at- home mom turned Elementary School Principal. I stayed home for 6 years with my boys. Once I dove back into the world of education, it was like a freight train that I couldn't stop.  It started with attending a meeting for a local (not yet created) Charter School. It ended with me being placed as Vice Principal for a year and then Principal the next.

I loved my job. I loved my students. I loved my parents, grandparents. I loved it all. But man, life was busy. And I was stressed. It seemed like Steve and I were just holding our heads above the water. Weekends were filled with cleaning house, running errands, rushing to practices and games. Childcare was a patchwork quilt with friends taking the boys home, Steve taking off early when I had meetings, swapping who stayed home with sick kids....It was hard. My kids have never been day care kids. That's not what we wanted for them. (Disclaimer here- I don't think there is anything wrong with children being in daycare. It's just not what we chose for our family.) We didn't want to put our kids in the after school/before school childcare because it's just something we had never done before. Plus, I didn't want to trade off of working to just be spending my paycheck on daycare.

As an employee of a school, I did not have an opportunity to volunteer in my own kids' classrooms. I couldn't go on field trips, attend parties or enjoy their school performances/plays/programs because I was always in front and in charge. It was a job that really tugged at my "momma heart".

Fast forward to July. For many reasons (which I won't go into here) we decided to move back to Kansas. It was a heart wrenching decision. I can not tell you how many nights we both spend crying. I can not tell you how many times I think about the reaction of my boys when we told them we were moving. Ugh. Horrible.

But, everything happens for a reason. Here is my life now....I volunteer (nearly everyday) at the boys' school. I am home when they are out of school. I get to watch all of the performances from the audience and volunteer to help. Our weekends are filled with family time. We vacation when we want. We are not dictated by the schedule of two full time working parents. My boys never have to go to daycare. I get to help out other parents when there is a need. I am attending classes about parenting, education and religion.

In summary, I am living a blessed life.

Did I mention that right now I am making about $400 a week. Remember, I am a stay-at-home mom. I don't have an office. I don't have a boss. Let me repeat, I make about $400 a week. My goal is to make $5,000 a week. 

That's the beauty of Isagenix. That's the beauty of network marketing. I have never worked for any other network marketing company. I have never taken a business class. I could barely sell girl scout cookies when I was little. I am shy but outgoing once I get to know someone. I put on a good front. I can stand in front of a group of 500 people and give a speech, but ask me to sit down at a dinner party and I am at a loss for words. But I can sell Isagenix.


Because it sells itself. Isagenix is good nutrition. It's just food. Super food. Nutrient rich, vitamin rich, antioxidant rich, adaptogen rich food. A food powerhouse. But when it comes right down to it, it's just good healthy food. Everyone has to eat, right? Why not put the best nutrition into your body? Into your kids' bodies? Isagenix is not just for weight loss. Yes, losing weight is a goal for many but so is gaining energy and a handle on your health. I have heard so many stories about how Isagenix has helped people with diabetes, depression, anxiety, arthritis, ibs, migraines...the list goes on and on.

So, with Isagenix you are selling a longer life. You are selling a healthy body. You are selling a way for a person to be able to play with their kids again. You are selling the extended years for a parent to see their child graduate from college, get married, have children. You are selling energy, happiness and longevity.

I want to share this nutrition with everyone. Not many people know this but when we moved back to Kansas I gained 10 pounds in 3 months. I was stressed, depressed and tired. Since then I have lost those ten pounds, plus 10 more. While a 20 pound weight loss is not the end of my journey, I have also gained energy and clarity. I have gained my life back. Not just through the weight loss. I started out not being able to walk 2 miles. On Saturday, I will run my first half marathon in over 9 years. My Isa story is not unusual. Once you put the right nutrition into your body, everything functions better.

Here's the thing about sole selling point of Isa is my story. I don't make cold calls. I don't pressure people. I don't force information onto people. If you want to hear about my story, great. If you don't, great. But I am going to continue to put this great nutrition into my body. I am going to continue to be happy and healthy. All I do is talk to people. Share my story. That's it. I share it on Facebook. I share it at after school pick up. I share it watching Cam at gymnastics. I share it in my blog. I share it whenever anyone asks, "What are you doing?" or "How did you lose weight?" or "Why so you look so happy?" or "How did you afford to go on that trip?"......

Some people are turned off by network marketing because it is a pyramid. Well, yes it is if you want to look at it that way. Think about your you have a CEO, a President, A Chief, Someone In Charge? Well that's the top of your pyramid in your office. Then you have the VP, the Second In Command, the CFO, the next person in your office pyramid. Then you have your Directors, Managers. Then your Assistants Directors, Assistant Managers. Then your Associates....see where I am going with this??? Every company is shaped like a pyramid. You have someone in charge and people under then. BUT those people can never surpass the boss in salary. That's the major difference in Isagenix. You can make more than me. I can make more than you. It doesn't matter. Someone above you can never stifle your glass ceiling! You are your own boss and you take your own paycheck as high as you want.

You earn bonus money based on levels and cycles. You enroll two people, bonus! They enroll two people, bonus! Those people enroll two people, bonus! It just keeps going. You also earn money based off of cycles. You earn so many points based off of product sold, not only from you but from EVERYONE below you (the people I enroll after you, the people you enroll, the people they enroll) and you earn money based on those points. 

So, how much do you like your job right now? Who do you know that hates Mondays? How many times have you come home complaining about a co-worker, long hours or some jerk that stole your lunch from the fridge?

What's your "why"? Why are you in the job that you are in? Why do you put in the long hours? Why do you look so forward to the weekends? What if that "why" could take on a different life? What if that "why" could be more about the things and people you love rather than making ends meet and meeting the bottom line?

I already told you my "why". I want to be here for my kids. I want to be able to volunteer, spend time with my family, live on my own schedule and not have my life dictated by a company. Here's another stability. There is no way that when we are at retirement age that we will actually be able to retire. Not only that, how I am going to help my kids afford college? How and I going to make sure that I am not a burden to my grown children? By making residual income, that's how! Sitting on the beach (of MY beach home) drinking lemonade watching my grand kids play in the that's a DREAM! It's a long way off, but it's MY dream!

There's an ENTIRE support system along the way. From product questions to business questions. You have so much at your fingertips and every single person is willing to help. From the millionaires to the new associates. Everyone helps!

Did I mention that as a small (home based) business you have tax write offs? Cell phone, house, car, printer ink, printer, luncheons, PRODUCTS!, computers, home wi-fi, mileage, trips to celebrations and meetings...anything and everything you use for your home based business! It's incredible.

I know some of you are ready to unfriend me right this minute because I post too much about Isagenix on my fb page. But think about this for a many posts do you see about people hating their job? The only difference between my posts and their posts is that I love my job! At least stay with me until I post that $5,000 earnings a week check! Then you will be ready to link arms with me and run!

So WHO DO YOU know that:
- Needs to lose weight?
- Needs more energy?
- Needs more wealth?
- Needs to be healthy?
-Wants to be (more) healthy? Isa isn't just for weight loss!
- Wants to earn residual income?
- Wants to retire early?
- Wants to vacation (a lot!)
- Wants to save money for college?
- Wants to have the perfect part time job to fit into their kids' school schedule?
- Wants to quit their current job?
- Wants a better life?
This list goes on and on...

In 2012 a study was completed that found the average Facebook user had 349 friends. You also know 2,000 people by their first name. I bet each one of them wants to be healthy and wealthy. I bet you do too.

Here's the number one excuse for not starting Network Marketing: I don't want to push my friends into buying something. Really?! You don't want your friends to be healthy? You don't want to get your friends PAID through Isagenix? If you had a store (pizza shop, clothing boutique, pet store...whatever) wouldn't you encourage your friends to shop there? Wouldn't you ask them to stop by and at least give your store a once over? Try something? Ask for their feedback?

My guess is that yes, you would ask EVERY friend to try out your store. Now listen to this, Isagenix has a 100% money back guarantee. You try it and don't like it. Send it back. 100% product refund. No strings.

So again, my question is this....why wouldn't you try it? Why wouldn't you suggest that your friends try it? How cool would it be to sign up, sign two friends up, get your product paid for and be on your way to earning $5,000 A WEEK WITH YOUR FRIENDS?!? I bet you would have more than 349 Facebook friends then....

If you are ready to join me in this amazing company, let me know! I always have room for more friends! You can view my website here and contact me on Facebook.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Praying for the Tragedy in (Fill In Blank Here)

Please pray for the tragedy in _________________. This is becoming too common. It seems that this line is becoming like telling your spouse every time you hang up the phone from a conversation, "I Love You" in that rote mindless way. I am not meaning to sound cruel; only to drive home a point here.

This has to stop.

Think about the last few months this is what the American people have endured...marathon bombings, school shootings, movie theatre massacres, direct targets on politicians and police captains, college shootings, Wal-Mart shootings...those are just the tragedies that were widely publicized. We didn't hear much about the nanny that killed two children, the teenager that was raped and bullied and then committed suicide and countless other senseless acts.

Here's the thing...we are not going to solve the gun control issue in a day. Whether you are for or against, this debate and all the laws that come with it are going to go down the same path as Roe vs. Wade...ongoing...forever... We are not going to wipe out terrorism in the next week. Politicians can say as much as they like about "finding the group responsible for these heinous acts". Yes, I believe you will put your best foot forward at least until the next heinous act occurs. Then that will be the new hot topic to concentrate on for the minute/day/week/month. Rinse and Repeat. Then there is the issue of mental health. Such a vague term. Mental Health. Almost an oxymoron. Everyone has a little crazy in them. But how are you going to stop the most broken of the broken from doing senseless acts of violence. Gun control. Well, probably not. Have you ever heard the expression, "Where there's a will there's a way"? Making guns harder to get is understandable. But if a mental health patient with a penchant for killing people really wants a gun, they are going to get one somehow someway.

So, what's the purpose of this rant. Here it is folks....You do not know how much time you have left on this earth. You are not going to be able to change any of the factors listed above in a day, a week a month or even a year. So in the meantime, be kind to one another. Show patience and understanding. Smile often.

What's the point in being rude? It sets off a chain of events in a downward spiral. Today while driving along a fairly busy road, I saw a line of cars trying to avoid a black trash bag tumbling (full) across three lanes of traffic. No one swerved or caused an accident, but cars slowed down to let the wind catch the bag and swing it over to the shoulder of the road. Oh my goodness... the amount of horn blasting that took place in that 7 second time period was unreal. The cars behind the front row of cars went absolutely crazy. I guess they thought it was ghastly that someone would be adding 7 seconds to their commute time.

Isn't it even more strange that in those 7 seconds I wondering if there was a bomb in that rogue black trash bag? This bone chilling feeling went through me as I saw that trash bag tumbling in slow motion. The first car wheel to hit the bag expressed the contents (a lot of Styrofoam packaging), probably why the trash bag was floating in the wind to begin with, but I just had the eerie sensation sitting there... powerless.

At that moment, a thought crossed my mind. I may only have one second left on this earth. Am I proud of who I am? Am I proud of how I have acted? Am I proud of how I have taught my children to act?

We have all heard reports about how yesterday, at the Boston Marathon, countless numbers of bystanders helped those that were injured by the bombing. I many of those people would honk or yell profanities at the same runner that needed to use the shoulder of the road to train for the marathon? How many people that felt deeply sorry and sad for the children that died in Newtown, might have been greatly put out if one of those children were being too loud in a restaurant? How many people sitting in that movie theatre in Aurora might have cut in line to get their popcorn?

I know this post will not be popular with some because they think I am trivializing extremely tragic events. But there's where you have it wrong. I am deeply saddened by these events. I am deeply saddened that my kids are growing up in a world where these events even occur. If nothing else, these events should tell us that PEOPLE need to change. Not laws, rules, restrictions, etc.. PEOPLE.

You have no idea what someone else has gone through. You have no idea what someone else is going through. You have no idea what might lie around the corner (or in a school building, or across a finish line, or in a movie theater) for you. So my plea to you is this...Just be kind. Everyday. You have no idea what a difference that can make and you don't want to live a life of regrets.