Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here I Am

Well, it's been awhile my blogging friends. The basement is almost completed so I decided that we needed to paint the entire upstairs. That took awhile. Combine that with some cold weather and a few colds and you have one procrastinating woman.

Let's see what has happened around here the last few weeks. Cam has had a lot of questions about God and heaven. He has asked a lot about who he will see in heaven and what he will do in heaven. It always brings tears to my eyes when my kids talk about this. The thought of losing them makes me so sad and the thought of them going to heaven makes me so happy. Very deep thoughts for a Tuesday morning.

Colin continues to be a Lego maniac. He has started saving up $55 for Lego Mind storm kit. I am not sure that it is going to do what he thinks it is going to do but the kid has a goal. He has also decided that he wants another cat for himself. A cat that he can actually pet. Hmm, he might be onto something.

Well, gotta go pick up kids from school. That was a refreshing 5 minutes to myself.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

This One Is For Me

This blog was created mainly to write down the funny antics of my children. At this point, my children have consumed me day and night for the last, oh, 3 months. Steve has been very gracious to give me time off when I go into a tail spin. He lets me sleep in whenever he can. I probably take advantage of that since I know there are other things he would like to be doing also. But this is a new year. I suppose I could make the same old resolutions. Lose weight. Eat better. Exercise more. Read. To that end, I have decided that by this summer anything in my closet that does not fit is going to Goodwill. I do not MAKE time for me. Everything supersedes whatever I have planned. It seems that when I plan something, it all falls apart with sick kids, a sick me, appointments, long nights, Steve's work, my work....the list goes on. So that is the first resolution; simply put: Make time for me. That one is going to be very hard.

Here's the second resolution: Friendship. It's not a clearly defined goal. I just know that I need more friends and less acquaintances. I know all of the moms in Colin and Cam's classes. I say hi to the neighbors. There's a lot of "We should get together" flying around out there. But since I have moved here 3 years ago, I have not found a person that I can hang out with on a regular basis. There are a few friends that I would like to get together with more. It's just hard with young kids. They get sick. We get sick. They have school. We have school.... However, I am not going to make those excuses anymore. I'm not asking for lots of friends to go out with every night. I am just asking for a few (even just one) great friend that I can hang out with. A family to go camping with and have over for dinner. Someone to celebrate birthdays and holidays with. We don't have family around and it is so hard to celebrate these things by ourselves. I'd like to blame this lack of friends on having kids. Nope, not working since everyone I know has kids. Okay, maybe it's a busy schedule. Again, nope, everyone is busy in their own way but others seem to find time to have parties, gatherings, trips and everything else under the sun. So, resolution 2 is to be a better friend. I need to get out more with and without my kids.

The last resolution is easy. Each weekend I would like to do at least one activity as a family. We started this weekend by going swimming. I just let myself be in the moment. I did not worry about the lack of progress on the basement for the moment. I did not worry about the Christmas decorations that needed to be put away or the floors that needed swept. I just really and truly enjoyed being with my family. It was great to hear the giggles from the kids and see Steve smiling. It was just a good feeling to know that our kids were happy and we were spending time with them. It won't be too long from now that they won't want to spend time with us. Until then, bring on the family fun!

What are your resolutions this year?