Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Cam and his friend took a little break. By little, I mean 1 day. He nearly broke her heart telling her that he wanted to see other people, yesterday. But today, the love is back and he will have a 2 hour play date with his bestie. Doesn't this look like a match made in Heaven?

2. Colin has field day yesterday. The weather cooperated. Sunny and gorgeous. Field day has changed a bit from when I was a kid. Instead of long jump and races, they did tug-o-war , sack races and pass the cup. Different, but so much fun. Tomorrow is the last day of school. After a very rocky start to the school year, I can say without a doubt that Colin's amazing teacher has made a profound difference in his life. Who am I kidding? She has made a profound difference in the entire Silva family. Although he still gets upset some mornings, I always know that his teacher will be there to give him a hug and a kind word when he gets to school. Colin loves his teacher and talks about her like she is a member of our family. I guess she can be the "honorary" mom. :-)

3. Aunt Roxanne made a trip out to see us. She just left this morning. I think the only thing keeping the kids from tears is knowing that we plan on going to KS in June. It’s always so much fun to be with her. The kids adore her (and so do I).

4. Colin decided this morning that all of our family lives too far away. I posed the comment that maybe WE live too far from our family. Now there’s a thought.

5. Rain, rain and rain. We skipped a few days of the rain, but it’s back with a vengeance. It’s a gully washer out there. Hang on to your umbrellas folks.

6. The tornado in Joplin reminded me of the amazingly scary time in KS when a tornado tore up neighborhoods near us. Our house had some damage but everything was easily fixable. Needless to say, tornado season is not my favorite time of the year. I try not to get too hyper about things around the kids. But when the sky turns grey/green, I keep my eye on the clouds. If any of my neighbors want to be on my “call list”, let me know. I have a weather alarm in the house and make calls to the neighbors when it’s time to go to the basement. Knowing what a tornado cloud looks like is not one of my favorite qualities about myself, but unfortunately, I know what they look like and take precautions when they are near.

7. Camism for the week, “Mom, I wish I had a time share. That way I could go back to when the dinosaurs were alive.” Um, okay honey, I’ll grant you a time share in Hawaii someday.

8. We have not had the chance to go camping yet this spring. We usually make our first trip out on Mother’s Day weekend and then pretty much every weekend after that during the summer. It’s almost June. Rain rain go away.

9. The next few months are going to be very busy. Colin has baseball practice on M/W with games on Thursdays. Cam has baseball practice on W with games on Tuesdays. Baseball goes through the middle of July. I knew what I was in for when I signed them up, but that does not mean I have to like it.

10. Somehow it seems like I do 17 loads of laundry every week. Why is that?

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Weekend...In Pictures

This is the reason I love living in Erie, CO.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. It has been raining here for weeks now. Time to build an arc.

2. So far the boys are enrolled in a few summer camps. Here is what we have lined up for summer so far. My sis is coming to see me in two, yes TWO days! Then in the month of June they have VBS, a trip to KS and hopefully some swimming dates in there. In July they have golf lessons and maybe a soccer camp. In Aug. they have LEGO camp. Throw in baseball and we have a packed summer already. We have to fit in camping and trips to Estes.

3. I'm back on the running wagon. Both yesterday and today I ran 4 miles. Feels good to be back. hopefully I can stay.

4. Colin has his field day on Monday. It is strange that I am excited for him? He did not get to participate last year as he was only in half day K. I remember field day from my school days. It was always a highlight. I hope it is for him too.

5. The fun and excitement from Legoland has already worn off. I'm ready for another trip. Won't get to take another one, but I am ready for one.

6. Colin told me yesterday that he was really happy about school. It's taken nearly 10 months, but I think we are past the tears each morning now. He only cries occasionally before school and in those cases there is usually something that sets him off (like a grumpy mommy).

7. Cam's last day of Pre-K is tomorrow. My heart is doing a little flip flop thinking that he will be in full day K next year.

8. I secretly wish we could have a pet. I see other homes with pets and although I don't miss the clean up, I miss the friendship.

9. Cam just had a wonderful playdate with a wonderful friend. I am so thankful for this family. Their kids just make my heart sing. :-)

10. Did I mention that tomorrow is Cam's last day of pre-k? It's gona' be a rough one for the momma tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Legoland...We Pulled It Off

We managed to pull off our big surprise on Thursday. The kids had no idea what was in store for them when they woke up that morning.

Cam had a Dr. appointment Thursday morning to get his cast off and arm re-xrayed . The x-rays came back clean so the cast was off for good. What a great way to start Legoland!

Before the cast came off, Cam modeled the cast for me in true rocker fashion.

And it's off! He did great with the noise of the saw. The cast was off in 1 minute flat.

Bye bye cast. And yes, it now sits in a special display area in his room.

We picked Colin up early from school. Steve made the boys cards that told them we were going to Legoland that minute! They were so surprised! Colin ran right back to his teacher's room to tell her of our upcoming adventure. Of course Cam followed him because that is what Cam does. I have never seen them more excited. It was so amazing!

On our way to the airplane. Smiling the entire way.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. All of my boys on their electronics.

Star Wars mini land was pretty incredible.

Cam being Cam. He's such a ham!

Petting a starfish in Sealife Aquarium.

A wonderful likeness of their Grandpa. Fishing is happiness.

The Silva boys doing what they do best. Building legos.

Carlsbad Beach. Famous last words from mom, "Don't get wet." Yeah, right.

Such great friends. They really do love each other. Their smiles are priceless.

Dinner in bed. Nothing else like it.

Cam is loving life.

USS Midway Aircraft carrier. Such a neat tour for all of us.

Hammin' it up. Those are my boys!

Seal Beach in San Diego. Colin and I loved this beach. I could have spent hours there!

By the way, I spend at least an hour everytime I write on this blog trying to get the margins and spaces correct. I can't seem to get it correct and I'm tired of wasting my time on spacing issues. So, you get to read my blog with lots of random spaces. Sorry.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Few White Lies, Shhhhh UPDATED

Steve and I are about to pull a fast one on our kids. It's only taken a few white lies to get there, but we are going to surprise our boys, big time, today (Thursday).

Want to know the big surprise? Keep reading....

Here's how it will all go down. Cam has a Dr. appointment at 9:30am today. He will get his cast off and hopefully he will not get a new one put back on.

Cam got his cast off!!!

Steve will come home from work at 12pm.

Steve, Cam and I will pick up Colin from school early at 3:00pm. We're going to tell Colin that we are picking him up early so we can celebrate Cam getting his cast off. But.....that celebration will be a little bigger than an ice cream cone.


We have kept this secret for almost 2 months now. We wanted to start of this summer with a bang. Since I will be working a lot from July on, we wanted this to be a summer to remember.

When Steve, Cam and I go in to pick up Colin we'll give them each a card that has a picture of Legoland and an explanation as to where we are going. I can not wait to see the look on their faces. I hope I have enough time to capture it in pictures for the whole world to see.

Then we will hop in the car and drive to the airport.

If we have half as much fun as we did two years ago when we went to Legoland, it's going to be A-MAZ-ING! Shhh, don't spill the beans. It's a secret until 3:00pm today!

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Little Boy Scout

Colin had his Boyscout Graduation on Sunday. It was not a big ceremony but one worthy of attending. He has really enjoyed Boyscouts this year. I think it is mainly because it gives him more time with Steve. I wish that the organization was a little more, well, organized. But I think Steve and I have committed to becoming Den Leaders next year. (Yes, I know, what was I thinking?) So maybe we will have a little more information to pass along to those parents that feel left in the dark as we did most of this year.

So proud of my Boyscout. He worked hard for those badges and was excited to get his new patch and scarf.