Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. We went to the Nuggets game last night. We had great seats and were excited to get to share that type of moment with the boys. I think we had the youngest kids there (7pm game). I felt a little guilty for keeping the kids out so late on a school night. We left the game at half time and got home around 9:30pm. I think both boys really enjoyed the experience. However, Cam could not figure out which team was ours and kept rooting for the Rockies.

2. I took the kids bowling on Sunday so Steve could watch some of the Denver Broncos game in peace. Had I known the most important 10 seconds would come at the very end, I might have changed my strategy.

3. Steve was a brave soul and took Cam to a birthday party on Sunday mid-morning. It's a little intimidating for me to go to parties hosted by his school friends.

4. My goal this weekend is to clean out my van. I think I might be foiled by cold temps (tomorrow's high is 22) but we'll see.

5. It's a three day weekend. I'm really itching to get out of town with the boys but I am going to try be patient as Steve might have something in the works for February. Stay tuned.

6. The Bachelor does not seem to have the same pizazz this season as usual. I'm might not even watch the whole season. Okay, I probably will but I'm just sayin'.

7. Cam got it stuck in his head on Sunday that he wanted to buy a guitar. Not just any guitar but a Phineas and Ferb guitar. He had the allowance money saved up but this was the first I had ever heard of him wanting a guitar. Colin has one at home that Cam could play anytime. I had to pull out my mom authority card and say no. It was a weird moment. It was almost like he just wanted to find something to argue about. Oh wait, I'm talking about Cam. Never mind, I had him mixed up with a compliant, humble and quite little boy.

8. I'd really like to have an elliptical machine at home. It would give me a chance to read while exercising. mixing to of my greatest loves...guess I will have to save my allowance money.

9. My job is getting increasingly busier and so is our after school schedule with the boys. I think that equation is backwards. Something is supposed to slow down when another picks up.

10. I have a serious charley horse in my right calf. I had one last week in my left calf in the middle of the night. Last night the one on the right woke me up. It still hurts but feels better when I stretch it out. If I had a job where I could stretch all day, I might be okay.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Going back to work today was not as bad as I thought it would be. I love my job and the people I work with so it was easy to get lost in the fun instead of complaining about working.

2. Tomorrow might be a different story. Colin has been anxious the last four days about going back to school. There have been a lot of tears and hyperventilating. Cam has started to follow suite so it is likely that both boys will be in bad shape tomorrow.

3. There are 94 school days left. (Yipee!)

4. My kids like watching American Pickers. Strange.

5. I took Colin to the orthodontist today for his 6 month follow up from last summer. We were told that anytime we are ready, Colin can get braces on his bottom front teeth. What?!? He's can't be that grown up. We decided to wait until he has a further need for braces (which he will).

6. What is it with boys and wrestling? Why can't boys keep their hands off of each other? Along the same lines, why is farting so funny?

7. I need a good book series to read. I'm pretty versatile in what I like to read. (Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings...). Any suggestions?

8. I love the library. I'm such a geek. I'm not sure I could ever own a kindle.

9. Our Christmas tree came down in record time this year. I knew that Colin would be anxious if I asked for his help taking down decorations. When Steve took the boys swimming on Sunday I saw an opportunity to race through the house like a crazy lady and get everything put away. By the time they got home, the only thing left to put away was the actual tree since I could not get it apart by myself. The strategy seemed to work because Colin shrugged his shoulders and decided that he would look forward to the decorations going back up next year.

10. Colin is an absolutely amazing Lego designer. I think he has found his "thing". I wish that Lego was an actual subject at school. It would sure give him something to look forward to everyday.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Rest of Christmas

A very early 5am awake time marked the arrival of our Christmas Day. I loved the excitement but 5am was a bit early, even for me on Christmas morning.

Stockings first.

Santa brought them both an ipod touch. We have all had a good time playing on them. I am amazed at the things they can do on these. They can take pictures, take videos, text, facetime, listen to itunes....very cool.

Kitty sitting pretty. She was the only one that got to nap during the day.

We had a full house with the cat and the dog. Scooby enjoyed her gifts too.

I can't believe they sat still for a cute picture before opening gifts.

Colin's presents all stacked up.

Cam's stack of gifts.

Colin had a very "Lego" Christmas. He didn't count how many he received but they have all been put together. That kid is a brain when it comes to Legos.

More Legos.

Cam was not left out of the Lego fun. Lego reissued some of their Super Hero series. He finally got a Batman Lego which he has asked for every year for Christmas and Birthday's for the last 3 year.

Breakfast was served at 6:30am to some (already) very tired boys. Despite the early hour, neither child took a nap. Fun was had by all until about 8pm that night. Then we all crashed.

The gift of the day...Cam's new Super Mariano skateboard. He is going to rock that thing!

Skipping to a few days after Christmas....Roxy and her family spent several days hanging out with us. Colin and Cam were enthralled every time Josiah picked up the guitar.

Jenni and her fiance, Josiah. What a happy happy couple. They will be getting married in June. We enjoyed having them here and tried our very best to convince them to come visit again. WE also tried to convince them to take Snicks, but they were wise to out game.

Having fun at Dave and Buster's. This was our first time there. What an experience. It was fun but noisy. I'm glad we went right when they opened. It was very busy by the time we left. We did have a good time but much like Chuck E Cheese, it's a once or twice a year field trip.

The boys playing Guitar Hero. We didn't know how to work to controls so we ended up playing to the song, "Talk Dirty to Me". Awesome. That's just what a 6 and 7 year old boy need to be listening to. Cam got bored with his new toys very quickly. This is his impression of, well, himself. He's just Cam being Cam. He sure cracks me up!

We were hoping to give Josiah the ultimate sledding experience. The weather did not cooperate. The snow melted here too quickly and the wind was blowing too much on the mountain. We had to settle for 30 minutes in the mud which quickly turned into a snowball fight instead.

Josiah is smiling big despite the disappointment.

We made a trip to Pearl Street and watched a lot of the street performers. Colin and Cam did a few tricks of their own and made it up the boulders.

On New Year's Eve Day, Roxy and her family left for the long drive back to KS. Then that evening we rang in the New Year with some great friends. The adults had fun too!